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British troops liberate Mandalay, Burma

British troops liberate Mandalay, Burma 1945 WW2

Britain and Russia divide future spoils of war

Retired Marine Commandant comments on conduct of war

 Retired Marine Commandant comments on conduct of war 1968

Americans alarmed about impending French defeat

Babe Didrikson goes to the mound for Philly

Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias (/zəˈhɑːriəs/; June 26, 1911 – September 27, 1956) was an American athlete who achieved a great deal of success in golf, basketball, baseball and track and field. She won two…

Ned Buntline born

 Ned Buntline born 1823

Edward Zane Carroll Judson Sr. (March 20, 1821[1] or 1823[2] – July 16, 1886), known as E. Z. C. Judson and by his pseudonym Ned Buntline, was an American publisher, journalist, writer, and publicist.